1. District-Sample-Collection
    District is another sample collection from amazing artists arranging from ambient to future garage these are the ingredients that will develop you a new sound this library has got you completely covered! Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 119MB of District Content • 41 WAV Files
  2. Willin-Sample-Collection
    ​Willin is a collection of samples from some amazing artists like DeBarge,Aretha Franklin,Issac Hayes, & more this pack is a beautifully diverse of styles from soul to chillout you'll find everything you need to keep your creativity sharp • 16-Bit audio quality • 49 MB of Willin Content • 26 WAV Files
  3. Resa-Sample-Collection
    Dinma presents another inspirational collection called 'Resa' All new sample collection features some amazing artists like: Goldfrapp,Manu Shrine,Lonnie Liston Smith all samples chopped and ready to use for all of your production needs it will spark your creativity immediately for new ideas • 16-Bit audio quality • 73 MB of Resa Content • 32 WAV Files
  4. Epiphany-Sample-Collection
    Dinma brings you a all new collection of samples with a striking feeling of the embodiment of the chill genre which will give you the name 'Epiphany' everything is here for you all you need to do is flip these unique samples into something special • 16-Bit audio quality • 52 MB of Epiphany Content • 25 WAV Files
  5. Celestial-Sound-Collection
    The name speaks for itself it's packed with amazing samples and a deep atmospheric vibe that can be additional useful to producers for the laid back beats all in this versatile collection Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 68 MB of Celestial Content • 28 WAV Files
  6. Inspired Sample Collection
    Inspired Sample Collection
    Dinma brings you a new collection of samples from various artists first thing to know about this collection is it will be a memorable one giving you that ambient glitchy sound ready to add a new freshness to your beats well this is the pack for you theres no shortage of inspirational material BONUS Includes snares (Merry Christmas) Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 69 MB of Inspire Content • 29 WAV Files • 7 Claps & Snares • +Inspired.Sample.Collection
  7. 90's-Sample-Collection
    90s is collection of samples from some of the best artists from the early 90s chopped to perfection and to be flipped into something special Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 106 MB of 90 Content • 45 WAV Files
  8. Strakt Mini Pack
    Strakt Mini Pack
    This is leftover sample from previous projects that got left out hope you can put these to use Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 60 MB of Brasma Content • 24 WAV Files
  9. wave_sound_collection
    m i s s i n g
  10. ConnectedMade:Chops
    ConnectedMadeChops is a minipack of different genres inside over 90mb and 30+ to pick from to spark creativity Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 90 MB of CMC Content • 24 WAV Files
  11. Para.Sample.Pack.2014
    This sample pack provides inspiration that will have you tweaking samples creating a awesome sound and no time so dive in this library and give your sample collection a boost it's up to you! Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 141 MB of PARA Content • 29 WAV Files
  12. PURE.Sample.Pack.2014
    This kit contains handpicked samples by Dinma you can expect to hear with the 4th element of the series - There are plenty of these soundkits on the net but it is hard to make/find them with the quality of this kit Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 146 MB of PURE Content • 39 WAV Files
  13. Sioux.Sample.Pack.2014
    Sioux Sample Pack: This is another placement of the series called ''Sioux'' It features 61 chopped samples carefully arranged by Dinma including samples from artists such as The Weeknd,Miguel,Jaymes Young & More It can be difficult and time-consuming to create the sounds that you want and need in your productions So here's a bunch of samples ready to be flipped. Details: 61 Unique WAV files 211 MB of Sioux content 32 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo
  14. Elevate.Sample.Pack.2014
    This pack features essential elements from artists such as [Ryn Weaver,::MADE::IN::HEIGHTS:: & The Weeknd] These samples will help you create a variety of different styles of music this pack is everything you need to elevate your sound. Details: 58 Unique WAV files 32 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo 289 MB of Elevate content
  15. 31.Sample.Pack.II (Happy.Halloween)
    31.Sample.Pack.II (Happy.Halloween)
    In this release Dinma is bringing you a sequel to the 31 series featuring some of the best composers ranging from Akira Yamaoka,Christophe Frutuoso, and Yoko Shimomura loaded with nothing but inspiration giving your beats a dark feel to them download this overwhelming pack so it will make endless possibilities for groundbreaking productions Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 155 MB of 31 Content • 64 WAV Files
  16. Sanctuary.Sound.Pack [Happy New Year]
    Sanctuary.Sound.Pack [Happy New Year]
    Sanctuary is a new entry to the dinma series this time with a gospel feel to it which will give you some of the dopest gospel samples to work with sure to give your beats that boost! Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 143 MB of Sanctuary Content • 48 WAV Files
  17. 72.Sample.Collection [Happy New Year]
    72.Sample.Collection [Happy New Year]
    72 represents how many installations added to the dinma series over the 2 year period it gives you a variety of samples from many artists Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 141 MB of 72 Content • 40 WAV Files
  18. Explore.Sample.Collection
    Explore is a collection of songs from amazing artists chopped to perfection to give producers a boost in there productions mixed with lofi and ethereal genre • 16 Bit audio quality • 204 MB of Explore Content • 58 WAV Files
  19. influenCED.Sample.Collection
    Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 153MB of influenCED Content • 56 WAV Files
  20. With.These.Samples
    Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 206 MB of WTS Content • 72 WAV Files
  21. Archive.Sample.Chops
    Details: • 16Bit WAV format • 143 MB of ASC Content • 55 WAV Files
  22. ELEVATE.Sample.Pack.II
    Details: • 32Bit WAV format • 209 MB of Content • 69 WAV Files
  23. Progress.Sample.Kit
    Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 213 MB of Progress Content • 68 WAV Files
  24. Internet Chops Vol 1
    Internet Chops Vol 1
    Details: • 164 MB Of Internet Chops • 16-Bit WAV format • 56 WAV Files
  25. LIFE$TYLE.Sample.Chops
    Details: • 230MB Of LIFE$TYLE Samples • 78 WAV Files • 16-Bit WAV format
  26. Serenity.Sample.Chops
    • 142MB Of Content • 42 WAV files • 16-Bit WAV format
  27. Runner.Sample.Chops
    Details: • 132MB Of RSC Content • 35 WAV files