1. Adora-Vision-Sample-Pack
    With this pack is a brand new collection of samples from amazing artists all these artists became magnificent with their own unique vision of design.Taking inspiration from this cleverly arranged pack to enter any genre out there. Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 106 MB of Adora Content • 29 WAV Files
  2. Delphinium-Sample-Pack
    Delphinium is a new collection loaded with the most insightful samples that you can't find in other pack it will deliver producers everything they need to create a masterpiece Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 177 MB of Delphinium Content • 33 WAV Files
  3. DIFFERATION-Sample-Pack
    Dinma brings you a new pack with various of artists with a exciting set of samples chopped and ready to be used the way you like so you will always find the necessary inspiration to make a new beat. Details: • 32-Bit WAV format • 128 MB of DIFFERATION Content • 40 WAV Files
  4. Exist-Sample-Pack [Updated]
    Exist-Sample-Pack [Updated]
    Well this sample pack has been engineered to bring a edge to your production delivering the next warm and ambient sounds features over 50+ samples from various artists it has 4 different generes combined you can edit, transpose, rearrange these so be creative and don’t limit yourself. Details: • 32-Bit WAV format • 190 MB of Exist Content • 51 WAV Files
  5. Brasma-Sample-Pack
    Dinma presents you with a new sample pack called Brasma with this pack its mainly about the new age genre in giving you that haunting & relax feeling to create a new approach at producing Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 71 MB of Brasma Content • 29 WAV Files
  6. Faux-Sample-Pack
    Faux is dinma's latest sample pack features 107+ Mb of raw,edgy sound that will give you a better and easy way to be creative and fill up your track perfectly. No matter what type of music your are working on, you will be able to add an ambient vibe to it so download this pack containing everything you need to get started making a inspiring beat. Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 107 MB of FAUX Content • 35 WAV Files
  7. Initiation-Sample-Pack
    Initiation will be a new beginning to levels of producing dinma is delivering you another stunning pack use this library to grab people attention in this series so if you want unique samples in your productions then this pack is for you Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 156MB of Initiation Content • 46 WAV Files
  8. Asthenia-Sample-Pack
    This pack will give you that raw sound reflecting the sounds of the current ambient scene offering more dynamism for beatmakers and producers to start showcasing the best of there skills complex enough to inspire the next wave of future productions. Details: • 32-Bit WAV format • 151 MB of Asthenia Content • 43 WAV Files
  9. Speria-Sample-Pack
    This pack features a superb collection of samples been crafted and arranged by Dinma to give your productions a true sound that is completely different from any other pack it sets endless creative possibilities for you so lets get it. Details: • 32-Bit WAV format • 219 MB of Speria Content • 61 WAV Files
  10. SILENCE-Sample-Pack
    In this release Dinma is bringing you a swing of heavy samples from various of bands loaded with nothing but inspiration each sample have a catchy sound that will get you the attention when it comes to your productions download this and put the pack in action! Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 113MB of SILENCE Content • 33 WAV Files
  11. Pastel-Sample-Pack
    Pastel is a gloomy and dark sample pack that will offer producers that raw grunge feel with endless possibilities So now you will have all the material you need to create mind blowing beats dont forget you can use them in any way you want to add creativity to your productions. Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 100 MB of Pastel Content • 29 WAV Files
  12. Nastusia-Sample-Pack
    Dinma brings you the newest sample pack with a exclusive collection of samples designed to allow you to quickly load and start constructing beats the Nastusia sample pack can bring that cool,dark mood, and vibe to your next production as well as becoming an important part of your sample library and workflow download now Details: • 32-Bit audio quality • 94 MB of Nastusia Content • 33 WAV Files
  13. 31-Sample-Pack
    This pack is a creepy and yet a must have collection of samples cut from video games & movies such as Silent Hill,The Shining,Rosemary Baby, Now you can bring a wide range of producers to easily make your productions dark & demonic with this pack will offer you plenty of inspiration.(Happy Halloween) Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 165 MB of 31 Content • 50 WAV Files
  14. Vanity-Sample-Pack
    Vanity is a outstanding sample pack loaded with blazin samples looking to give producers some new ideas bringing a new style and sense to your libary this is a full blown pack with everything you need to make a banger. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 110 MB of Vanity Content • 43 WAV Files
  15. Vittoria-Sample-Pack
    Vittoria is a new pack that takes all the best sounds and influences from the new age genre some of the most popular artists featured: Lisa Gerrard,Le Silence des Ruines,Patrick O'Hearn this library will be delivering everything you need to bring together a new dimension to your productions. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 96 MB of Vittoria Content
  16. Pharroa-Sample-Pack
    Pharroa is a brand new sample pack with smooth & catchy samples that will bring an extra element of depth into your beats So download this overwhelming pack so it will make endless possibilities for groundbreaking productions Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 106 MB of Pharroa Content • 35 WAV Files
  17. Nueroa-Sample-Pack
    In this definitive collection of samples you will get a new high of quality that have a real warm vibe to it that can be used for every genre of music so spark your creativity amongst many others as well Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 140 MB of NUEROA Content • 40 WAV Files
  18. Motions-Sample-Pack
    This is our latest collection of 50 mind-blowing samples from some of the best music composers includes Cliff Martinez,Hans Zimmer,John Murphy & more this pack not only emulates the sounds from some of the biggest names in the business but it also gives you some original inspiration Details: • 16-Bit WAV format • 188 MB of Motions Content • 51 WAV Files
  19. After-Hours-Sample-Pack
    After Hours is a fresh new sample pack with various artists if you a fan of that ambient chill sound then you have to get your hands on this pack which merges sounds influenced by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jhene Aiko all into one pack This pack brings a full amount Of wide range for you to add adjustments to some of the samples to fit your production add this pack to your library and make hits. Details: • 16-Bit audio quality • 117 MB of AfterHours Content • 42 WAV Files
  20. Alternative-Sample-Pack
    Dinma brings you another installment to the series with the freshest samples around for your soundbank that features combinations of various of artists that will bring you quality samples, with anything you may need to produce a great track and push up your producer skills. Details: • 32-Bit WAV format • 128 MB of Alternative Content • 34 WAV Files
  21. Authentic-Sample-Pack
    Dinma presents you with a soulful sample pack with inspiring material every time you'll find everything here featuring amazing artists such as: Curtis Mayfield,Grant Green,Sade & more for your sampling pleasure this collection will give you that funk & soul vibe. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 107 MB of Authentic Content • 43 WAV Files
  22. 40-Sample-Pack
    With this sample collection it will give you a new sense of creation within yourself you can take it a step further by providing a freshness to your beats The samples are cut from some of the best video game soundtracks all the work has been done for you the pack speaks for itself. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 70 MB of 40 Content • 30 WAV Files
  23. Motions-II-Sample-Pack
    Dinma brings you a conclusion to the motions series with some of the top music composers in the business today this collection will bring you a wide array of sounds in this pack you probably heard most of these in movies and never thought anything of them until now Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 71 MB of Motions Content • 30 WAV Files
  24. Fluorescence-Sample-Collection [Updated]
    Fluorescence-Sample-Collection [Updated]
    This collection will step you up to all new ideas featuring some amazing artists like:Grimes,Florence + The Machine & more You will guarantee to get some mind blowing samples to add to your sampler this is a truly must have collection use them in the musical styles of your choice. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 71 MB of Fluor Content • 34 WAV Files
  25. Compulsion-Sample-Pack
    The name of the pack says it all 'Compulsion' this pack is to force all producers to go deep into thier creativity with this vast collection of samples with incredible detail and vibe making your producing easier it will take you through magical fusion. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 442 MB of Compulsion Content • 39 WAV Files
  26. Nocturnal-Sample-Pack
    Nocturnal is brand new pack that will deliver you all the elements to better your producing more like a breath of fresh air for producers this library is one that will definitely come in handy Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 65 MB of Nocturnal Content • 30 WAV Files
  27. Ominous-Sample-Pack
    Ominous is cool mini kit that is from a bunch of proficient artists that will make your beats dynamic Another follow up to this kit is most of the samples was taken or leftovers that didnt make previous packs Details: • 32Bit audio quality • 65 MB of Ominous Content • 25 WAV Files
  28. Royal-II-Sample-Pack
    This pack is the second installment with the royal series dinma presents you with a amazing collection of samples from some phenomenal artists.You'll find nothing but inspiration to give your beats a full of everything you need to create a masterpiece. Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 72 MB of Royal Content • 32 WAV Files
  29. Sessions-Sample-Pack
    This is a unique pack from some of the best jazz singers in the business its perfect for producers looking to add some bop to there productions definitely able to take your beats to a higher place Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 51 MB of Sessions Content • 23 WAV Files
  30. Ultra-Sample-Collection(Happy Thanksgiving)
    Ultra-Sample-Collection(Happy Thanksgiving)
    This is a sample collection of mostly all the work from Lana Del Rey its more of a tribute to her for all the incredible work she's done all these years from start to finish the collection also features extras samples from various artists it will add that beautiful & sensual vocals lana provides i am really proud of how this collection came out & hope the producers can spin these into something special.(Happy Thanksgiving) Details: • 16 Bit audio quality • 110 MB of Ultra Content • 56 WAV Files Sample Credits: • Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant)- Kill Kill (2008) • Lana Del Rey - Lana Del Rey (2010) • Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (2012) • Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (2014) • Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (2015)